Always secured with:

  • Security patches applied as soon as they are available
  • Core Always updated to latest stable version
  • Extensions always updated to latest stable version, when it does not break compatibility.
  • Site security is monitored, for obvious vulnerabilities, malware and defacing.
  • Brute force stop and code injection stop technologies employed.

No more bad experiences with your business website being hacked, defaced or injected with malware.
Have a clean fast loading site and peace of mind.

The Scope of our Fully Managed Web-Site CMS Service Contract includes the following proactive monitoring, mediation, feature updates  and repair services from

The Fully Managed CMS service contract main benefits, are like a website business concierge service

  • Web server hosting leasing and maintenance
    • Latest Linux VPS - RedHat secure Linux, CentOS or Ubuntu Server
    • Current stable and secure PHP run-time
    • Current stable and secure Database web-server run-time.
    • Firewall security maintained
    • Only SSH keypair access limited to the Web-Developer and server maintainer

  • Monthly website security and performance assessment report.
    • Visitor analytics
    • Security assessment
    • load time performance 
    • Uptime/downtime data report

  • Regular CMS core and extension updates (improvements and security patches)
    • Applying core updates  monthly or when they become available
    • Applying extension updates  monthly or when they become available
    • Monthly manual inspection to ensure every part of the site is working as expected after patches and updates are applied

  • Constant Monitoring of vulnerabilities, malware and website up-time.
    • Uptime https robot ping
    • Schedule weekly malware scans
    • 3rd party security strike team extension vulnerability alerts
    • Internal server file change monitoring alerts

  • Security hardening, hacker blocking scripts and brute force attack protection.
    • htaccess rules updated regularly to avoid exploits
    • Ip address blocking from bad bots and injection attempts
    • SSL Certificates Auto Renewed before expiration
    • folder and file permission changes to avoid obvious vulnerability exploits
    • 3 or more login attempts blocking brute force scripts
    • Server software and script run-time updates when they become available (PHP, MySQL etc)
    • latest server technology

  • Clean website guarantee, with repairs should anything get by our added site security, monitoring and malware scans.  
    • Repair of broken components
    • Repairing defacing or hacks
    • replacing vulnerable programming with more secure code
    • Cleaning out malware and code injections without breaking the site
  • weekly backup (21 to 27 days retained) and 1 monthly backup (6 months retained in cloud storage off-site)
    • Backup transferred to off-site secure cloud storage and made available to you and your associates each month for download

  • Quick response, consultations and repair by SimonTech within just 8 - 12 hours of a possible breach/compromise of the site or any of its applications
    • Any required update or repair will be applied within 12 hours from a breach or a vulnerability, or downtime alert from any of the monitoring systems. 

Get questions answered text/call (858) 598-3494 or email [email protected] with only moments to response received