You ever run into the issue with the super awesome Phoca Gallery that you absolutely need a very specfic imgae path so it can play well with other extensions.

There is no setting or configuration options for this image path to be set in an XML or through the database in any way.

You have to navigate to your server, and find the path.php:


 And Then you must change all these lines to meet the criteria for where you want all of your files stored and retrieved from.


$instance->image_abs 			= JPATH_ROOT . '/images/phocagallery/';

$instance->image_rel			= 'images/phocagallery/';

$instance->avatar_abs 			= JPATH_ROOT . '/images/phocagallery/avatars/';

$instance->avatar_rel			= 'images/phocagallery/avatars/';


Of course, the very unfortunate issue here is that next time you update Phoca Gallery you must go back into this file and change it again.

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