Fully Managed Services

Website CMS SaaS+ Concierge services

  • Company Website Sales Funnel Management
  • Company Website Content Optimization
  • Company Application Form Optimization
  • Website Cloud Hosting & Resouces Optimization
  • 3rd party services integrations 

Managed Email Services

  • Domain DKIM and SPF config
  • EMail Postfix and Dovecot management
  • Mail Server hosting
  • SMTP gateway reputation management
  • Email deliverability monitoring
  • DMarc Compliance management

Benefits of Managed Services

Website & Brand Protection

  • Defacing Protection
  • DDoS attacks mitigation
  • Malware protection
  • Blocking Web application form spamming
  • Error Free Website

Meet Higher Standards

  • PCI standards compliance
  • CSP policy standards
  • Email Authentication and 100% Delivery Rate Success
  • CCPA & GDPR privacy compliance
  • WCAG & ADA standards

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