Windows 10

The Comodo Programs Manager was built for Windows 7 & 8 but works okay in Win 10 IF you know how to install properly.

First set compatibility mode to Win 7, then disable Win 10 forced Driver signature.

 So before letting the setup restart the PC follow:

1 Click on Start menu
2 Click Settings
3 Click Update & Security
4 Click Recovery
5 Click Restart Now under Advanced startup
6 Click Advanced options
7 Click Startup Settings
8 Click Restart
9 In the Startup Setting (after boot) press 7

Windows will reboot with driver signature enforcement disabled and will allow Comodo Programs Manager to install the required driver. Once this is complete you can restart the windows as normal to let it re enable driver signature enforcement and the Comodo Programs Manager will function as normal.

  • Open command prompt, and run it as an administrator.
  • Then, type the following command:
netsh wlan show profile


  • This command will list every Wi-Fi profile that you’ve ever connected to. To reveal the password of a specific network, type the following command, substituting “NETWORK NAME” with the Wi-Fi network you’re looking up:
netsh wlan show profile “NETWORK NAME” key=clear


You’ll see your Wi-Fi password in ‘key content,’ under security settings.

When you find that there are only 24 different solid colors for the desktop background in Windows 10 to choose from but you just want something else, there is still hope.

You can still get to custom colors it in the old control panel.
Search for the "Run" desktop app, then paste the following line and click ok:

control /name Microsoft.Personalization /page pageWallpaper


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